Susan McKay "Activist"

"Activism is my rent for living on this planet." Alice Walker

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." Edmund Burke

"You must to the thing you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt

1998 – 2002  
Web Mistress and Activist:  Created on-line identity as American Liberal to speak out against the Right and increasing tyranny a narrow-minded minority.  Among first of a handful political web sites founded by journalists (e.g., Online Journal, BushWatch, EarthSide) that debunked myth using sound investigative and writing skills and knowledge of U.S. and world history, economics, politics, and culture to deliver educated news, opinion, and advocacy (as opposed to what became next generation blogs and web sites that often voice opinion without sound facts).

In its heyday, AmLib was getting 10,000 hits a day and linking Americans at home and abroad with growing movement against fascist tendencies within the U.S.  High-tech site no longer exists, low-tech (original site) HERE (

2000 –
Freelance Director, Organizer & Media Specialist:
- Voter March
- Boycott Exxon Mobil
- Stop the Bombs
- Alaska Coalition of Tennessee (led citizens to get Congress to vote NO to drilling in ANWR)
- Co-founder of Peace Committee (Nashville Peace & Justice Center)
- "Walk & Talk for Peace & Non-violence" (one month after 9-11, when everyone said "you can't do that!"
- "Meet Medea (Benjamin): Travels to Afghanista"
- “Talking Peace with Your Neighbors” brining local people of Arab and Jewish heritage together for community dialogue.
- MoveOn (Lead for Tennessee)
- NOIN (Lead for Tennessee)
- Multiple Pre-Emptive Peace Actions including building toward the largest actions in MidSouth since the first Gulf War.
- Peaceville Web Mistress
- Regular IMC Contributor
- Poet for Peace

Staff Organizer:
Tennesseans for Fair Taxation
Tennessee Health Care Campaign