Susan McKay "Thinker"

Donít ask me what I think.  Watch what I do.  Then you will see what I think.

Donít ask me what I think.  Read what I write.  Then you will know what I think

Why do I designate myself a thinker? Don't we all think? Yes. And no. 

Being a thinker mean actively thinking  about things and thinking through things, and ever challenging our thoughts, actions, and evolution..

I contemplate the world around me and within me. I am an American Liberal in the truest sense of the word -- I embrace and advocate for free thought, free expression, free exchange of ideas and points of view. For me, the world is not simple. It is not simply black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, up and down, young and old, men and women, us and them. Our existence and our world is complex, made up of grayscale distinctions and a rainbow of choices and possibilities and exsistence.

I am excited about the virtually limitless access to information and expression on the Internet and through social media. I am also worried because I don't think enough of us are allowed to become critical thinkers. To be open to reading and hearing and touching and feeling and witnessing points of view and experience deep and far. In other words, too many gravitate to their natural issue silos and tribal comfort zones.

You are what you think having become what you thought, said Lao Tzu. 

I go one step further:  be aware of what you think in support of conscious evolution.