S e l e c t i o n s   f r o m   B  E  I  N  G  1 9 9 8 - 2 0 0 5   by S.L. McKay
simply being
too much
sit and stare
sun rising
above trees
houses and dogs
at the wind
want to
go out
more and faster
loud and gassy
like the zoned,
entities behind
wheels racing
to places
don't want
to be
on the couch
head covered
with a worn afghan
grandmother knitted
by a fire in Maine
too long ago
to keep
but an image
want to
out stay
too much
yet not
Madness is a State of Mind
Children bloody  
Blown apart 
Righteous study
Break the heart
Corpses blanket 
Wet rusted sand
Puppets’ market 
Camera pans

Used GI-boys salute
Silver birds of prey
White crosses stand mute
Red wreathe holiday

Cut to break
Island fake

Drone surrender
No line between

Vengeance sweet harness Sacred redefined
Souls unholy; Madness
Is a state of mind
green caterpillar
gapes at ghostly butterfly
dancing with the wind
Love is Always
Memory of that kiss
Moist as dew
Warm as sunrise
Lover’s tender whisper
Through willow bowed
Morning’s breeze
Like a hand’s caress
Airbrushed World
Airbrushed world no rough
'N tumble edges
Mags, TV, Net define
Faux peerless bliss
Cast shallow legends
Chic mortals’ bleached teeth
Clench consternation
Ceramic nails rot
Silicone breasts heave
Viagra time-out
Soul searching passe
Purple pill surrender
Airbrushed world no rough
'N tumble edges
comfortable shoes
faded with use, essential
gear for seeking truth
Many Journeys
Snow dancing today in Illinois
Is more than tedious, white, cold
It’s spunky, spry, fresh, renewed
Wise, adaptable, well-traveled, bold

Once a Pacific wave cooling
Hot sands of Acapulco
Wreaked havoc as a hurricane
Churning the Gulf of Mexico

An innocent part of oily sludge
Skimming Prince William Sound
Valiantly served as cool rain
Soothing Ethiopia’s barren ground

Once trekked the length of the Amazon
Did a stint as dew on an Iowan farm
Fogged up London several moons ago
Transformed into cotton over Monaco

Sentenced to hard time in Siberia
Its icy experience caused hysteria
Teemed with thunder across China’s vast land
Calmly nurtured oysters in the Sea of Japan

Forced to depths below the ocean
Trapped within darkness; stagnant, alone
Turmoil created change, caused a commotion
Escaped--transformed-- fount Yellowstone

Snowflake, raindrop, sky, ocean
Icicle, dewdrop, fog, river
Mist, frost, sleet, slush
Cloud, lake, steam, stream

Snowfall, waterfall
Rainbow, rain
All change, all remain
Many lives, many journeys
dew like diamonds drop
from red velvet fingertips
into eternity
Dual Rhythm
Needles prick the heart
Dull thoughts, sharp words
Exploding bodies, carmine streams
Pooling reused mer of misery
Spawning redundant generation

Mind expands, contracts
Cerebral rubber band snaps
Screams muted, destruction glorified
Oil lust, false idols, samsara westernized
Libertine deceived deceivers

Truths flick the heart
Blunts pain, firms hope
Goading conscience, waking dreams
Spooling reclaimed boundless levity
Dawning eternal expectation

Soul expands, contracts
Universal glue comprises gaps
Silence exalted, peace solidified
Global trust, no illusion, samsara neutralized
Liberal received receivers
BeLeave Me
you may not believe me
when i tell you
you will leave me
i don't know

i can see the haunting
the restless and  wanting
your internal struggle
to let go

i can't help believing
keeping means losing you
so don't stare at me blankly
when i insist you leave me
please just go

i can see the fury
deep beneath denied worry
you have dreams
to seek and know

if you stay here with me
we will lose the love that makes us ache and
weep and cling to
all the things that don't
complete our restless souls

so you may not believe me
when i tell you
you must leave me
you must go
Eternal Perspective
A snowflake worries not where it falls
Graceful, nimble, mild perfection calls
Currents may bluster severe or tame
In a snowflake’s view it’s all the same

An apple worries not where it falls
Succulent, sweet, crisp perfection calls
Humans may harvest wild or tame
In an apple’s view it’s all the same

A kindness worries not where it falls
Peaceful, thoughtful, pure perfection calls
Humans may deliver eager or tame
In a kindness’s view it’s all the same
Rumbling, grumbling
Engines roar
Unseen beyond cemented landscape

Simply, freely
Blackbirds soar
Unnoticed above earthbound inmates

Rushing, cussing
Primates drive
Vanquished  en masse to steel, brick, & glass cells

Crying, sighing
New slaves thrive
Unfettered, untainted by earthbound varnish
The tree has turned itself inside out
Brown-promise to bright green bud
Gushing deep mossy leaves, full and lush
Bleached pale by the blazing orb
Slowly dying, dimming, weak
Reviving frail spirit in cool nights
Steeping bright as the forgotten summer sphere
Falling, falling, fallen
To blanket the frost-kissed ground
Color and textures and earth-real scent
In its final performance of the year
The tree recedes starkly revealed
What is love?
What is love?
Is it puppies rolly-poly flopping about?
Warm golden sun peeking out after a shower?
Daffodils bursting after a stark winter?
Is it a whisper, breezy blowing on your skin
Telling you you’re sweeter than the sweetest sin?
Is it a kiss – wet, hot, demanding?
Another’s heart pounding in yours?
Familiar hands caressing, soft and tender
Even when they’re shriveled, spotted, tired?
Is it silence between the waves, coming
and going without pause?
A trickle of water from a rusty pipe
redeeming chapped brittle earth?
Is it smiling at a stranger
when you feel like crawling in a hole?
Is it the ethereal, breathless feeling
when you discover divine light?
A baby’s calm breathing in the middle of the night?
Honesty when nothing else will do?
Little white lies shielding arrows?
Is it walking away?
Is it standing firm?
Accepting? Not settling?
Is it asking? Is it answering?
What is love?
Non Sense
Don't want to feel warm sun on my face
Don't want to feel cool wind in my hair
Don't want to feel your fiery embrace
Don't want to feel your calm midnight stare

Don't want to hear mister owl hoot out
Don't want to hear dull green crickets hum
Don't want to hear your whispered shout
Don't want to hear your illogical sum

Don't want to taste lush bittersweet sin
Don't want to taste cold dark morning rain
Don't want to taste your sweet sleepy skin
Don't want to taste your bitter bare  pain

Don't want to smell amber-rich fire die
Don't want to smell pale crisp dewy air
Don't want to smell your ancient dank lies
Don't want to smell your deep musky fear

Don't want to see dawn's bruised drowsy sky
Don't want to see morning's mock promise
Don't want to see your cruel haunted eyes
Don't want to see your soul's emptiness
You are the dream
Arousing me from fitful sleep
Gazing into your eyes I
see my face inside your soul
The face  I've been afraid to show... Radiant,
make-up-less, exposed
Hearing you breathe calms the turbulent ocean
thrashing within me
I touch you and
find my missing pieces
Warm, solid, strong, alive
complete, evolving
golden oak leaves gleam
against vivid cerulean
autumn paints again
iced lawns settle brown
awaiting peaceful slumber
north wind lullaby