Big Reliance on Fossil Fuels Makes Little Economic Sense
By Susan McKay
Not surprisingly, when given the opportunity, Americans are choosing renewables. Examples of this have already been mentioned, but here are a few more:

- Chicago is building a new photovotaic facility, which has created capital investment and one hundred new jobs.

- Texas is mandating new renewable wind power installations; currently electricity produced by wind power in West Texas sells for 4.7 cents per kWh.

- Green Power is being made available to consumers around the nation. Green Power refers to arrangements made between utilities and customers, whereby consumers have the option to earmark their electricity purchases for renewable energy. Currently, 170,000 households in California and 80,000 homes in Pennsylvania choose Green. Over 10,000 customers have opted for Tennessee's "Green Switch" program in its first six months. Operator, TVA, only projected 9,000 customers in the first year.

- Wisconsin is pursuing renewables after a long-range study revealed that five out eleven renewable electric technologies analyzed were less expensive to operate than a new base-load coal plant. Investing in renewable energy instead of fossil fuels will save residents about $700 million in avoided environmental regulations on emissions, translating to $250 million in personal income.

The facts are clear. Big reliance on fossil fuels makes little economic sense for individuals, business, or our government.

Clean, affordable, unlimited energy is available now. If you want it, you can have it. There is just one catch: you must demand it.

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