Excerpt from ELI BEIGHT by S. L. McKay
Chapter Thirty Four, cont.

“What in the name of Gaia are you talking about?  Adam, Jax, and I have led this movement since the beginning!  The Unicouncil deemed that Jax and I would oversee the mission, with you and others managing the daily ops of the major pieces.”

“First of all, I have been part of this movement for as long as you!  That aside, Adam walked out before the vote and Jax abstained!  You and Jax were named co-directors by two votes, and four of the seven who supported the action are dead!”


“So, old Universalists with old ideas have died or are dying.  The Uni’s who replaced the old one’s have new vision.  They are tired of crawling on their knees in the bowels of the planet.  While you and Jax dream of a past that might have been, a new generation has decided to make a future.  Fight for a future!”

“My bones may creak and my vision may have grayed with my hair, but I’m not senile, Daj.  I know the young ones are restless.  Much of their discontent is exactly because of youth.  It would be odd if they didn’t want to make their mark on the world, which is precisely why the Council agreed upon and has worked toward Lucid.  Our efforts have been quite remarkable, in fact.”

“No more remarkable than our efforts leading up to Fini.”

Marshall shrugged.  “What does any of this have to do with blocking me from the command center?”

Daj ran her fingertip along the age-dulled tip of a Maasai lion-kill spear mounted on the wall.  “You still believe that power is stronger than force, don’t you Mar-mar?”

“Daj, what does it matter?  We have agreed to use limited force to make way for power.”

“Yes, the Council decided that.  But you don’t believe it will lead to the utopia we envisioned, do you?”

Marshall took a deep breath and shook his head.  “We talk in circles.  The aspiration of unconditional love, true compassion, forgiveness, and ego-less judgment being the norm not the exception among humanity is still a worthy one.  It matters not that functioning at the higher emotions will not come as naturally as breathing for generations.  I have not given up hope of a world in which those holding the tenuous reins of authority do so with the wisdom and discipline of power rather than force.  I still believe, even though the swift sands of time suggest this will not happen in my lifetime.”

“Nor in mine, my beloved Mar-mar.”

“That is why we are willing to go back to a world controlled by force, but not the unified force of WOF.  Back to the nation state, where at least there were pockets of democracy, of civil and natural freedoms.  Where humans had the potential to seek and embrace higher ideals and advanced states of being.”

Daj shook her head. “Given the evolutionary path we have taken it will never happen.”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying that human beings have built a world based upon the lower emotions.  All designed to feed the ego.  Lust and greed for people, places, and shiny things.  We’ve even had to go and mess up spirituality.  Had to make religion.  Slice Goddess-God into countless slivers to fit the small ego of this man or that man.  Killing each other to prove one man-made god is superior to another.”

“Not always.  We still unite under the many faces of God.  Things change.”

“We cannot change thousands of years of history.  All the nurturing in the world cannot change our nature.”

“Oh, really?” Marshall grabbed her by the shoulders and swung her around to face a mirror on the wall.  “Look.  Look!  Two graying lions!  You and I should have fought and died in the tribal wars of our homelands, but we didn’t.  We didn’t because we were raised to think and feel differently.  Our experience was more evolved than our grandparents.  We are more evolved.”

“More evolved?”  Her brow arched and she stared into his eyes in the mirror.  “I’ve died a thousand deaths in a thousand different ways.  All the while believing there would be a sign.  Something.  Perhaps just a peaceful sunrise.”  She waved her hand in disgust, shrugged off Marshall’s hands, moved away from the mirror.

“You mustn’t give into despair, Diamond!  Stick with our plan.  We must destroy the centralization that suffocates the very thing that makes us human.”

“What?  Freedom?”


“Have you not listened to a word I’ve been saying?  Emotion is what keeps us on this merry-go-round of force!  Ego-driven emotions of jealously, envy, lust, and conditional love.”

“And you think it better to suppress our nature than work to change it?  Now only Rulers are allowed to experience the full gamut of ego bliss, Consorts only a little less.  While most of humanity is infused with EIS so as not to crave, not to want, not to desire anything but what they are told to desire and aspire to.  We must free our brothers and sisters so they can choose.”

“They had thousands of years to choose.  And they did.”  Daj sighed and stared into the glow of the hydrolight fire.  Marshall shuddered.  The fire cast an ominous orange glow across her face.  Like the explosion in his dream.