Strategic Communications Professional

Education & Training Materials
Powerpoint Presentation
Train-the-trainer Commitment Form
How-to: Writer a Letter to the Editor
How-to: Talk to the Media
Aerospace manufacturing process --Visio Flow Chart

Event Promotions & Marketing

Event program also used as a promotional and fundraising tool
I designed and wrote entire piece as well as co-planned the event, including formulating agenda, workshops, and obtaining guest speakers.


Event Sponsorship Package
Fundraising How-to
How to Host a House Party

Policy Analysis (report) : English-only Drivers' License Testing
Companion Powerpoint Presentation

Policy Analysis: Children's Health Care

Policy Position (report): Gene Modification (Report)
Companion Powerpoint Presentation

Government & Civil Rights: Why Govt. Matters: Civil Rights from Reconstruction to the Great Society Years

Press Materials
Events in conjunction with 2008 Presidential Debate at Belmont University - My work garnered local, national and international news coverage
News Release
News Release
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