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P R O   C H O I C E     -v -   N O   C H O I C E           b y S. L. McKay

     Like most Americans, I believe that reproductive choice is among the most profound and private decisions we each are entitled to make.  Sadly, many Christian fundamentalists insist on imposing their beliefs on all of society.  Beliefs they claim come from biblical scripture.  Judeo-Christian theologians, however, say such claims do not come from the Bible.   There is, in fact, no consensus among either Catholic or Protestant Christians regarding abortion and sin.

     So if facts cited by the Christian Right are unclear and incorrect, why are women’s reproductive rights being challenged more and more?  

     Like any successful American enterprise, what the Christian Right has going for them is a lot of money to pay the best marketers in the business to sell their message and then play it over and over and over … Until they shape perception to the degree that it motivates enough people to influence lawmakers as well as get their supporters elected and appointed into office.  Over the past twenty-five years, a religious sect has been able to buy and market its agenda into the political system and steer secular public policy on all levels.   This should be of great concern to people who claim to believe in democratic principles and seek to create and maintain a secular democratic society.

     I cherish the U.S. Constitution and all of its amendments.  Therefore, as someone who believes in both human rights and separation of church and state, I must speak out about the misconceptions that persist regarding pro choice and no choice that have been professionally marketed by fundamentalists.  

      Following are three “reality checks” that examine the strongest arguments used by those who oppose a woman’s right to choose.  Such "rational" is based on personal opinion at best and some are simply untrue.  Most erroneous are claims that abortion is a sin because the Bible says it is; that life begins at conception; that there is consensus on when viable life begins; and that abortion is chosen as a primary or easy form of birth control.   I offer these facts to show that even though the "no choice" side has zealously sold their point of view it does not mean reasonable people should buy it.


Pro Choice   - v -   No Choice
Reality Check  #1
How the Stats Really Stack Up

Pro Choice   - v -   No Choice
Reality Check  #2
When Does Viable Life Begin?

Pro Choice   - v -   No Choice
Reality Check  #3
Human Life from a Biblical Perspective

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